Airserve Travels and Tours Ltd is an IATA certified travel agency, incorporated and in operation since 1999 in Nigeria, with our office at Victoria Island, Lagos. With qualified consultants who are service oriented with the maximum level of competence. 

With a combined 37 years of experience in the travel industry, we have a dynamic workforce with vast areas of knowledge and expertise in travel management.

We are confident that we are the solution to your travel needs.




Services designed to make every trip extraordinary


We are committed to providing efficient and reliable travel services to our customers’ delight in an uber professional manner, followed up by a service delivery system, with competent, dedicated and well-motivated professionals. We symbolize a new innovation in the travel business, and ensure a travel management partnership that is committed to a relationship providing value-added travel services.



Travel Consultancy and Airport Transfer Service.

*We partner with leading domestic and international airlines for ticket sales. 


Hotel Reservations


Car & Taxi Rentals


Tourism & Pilgrimage 

Corporate Retreats


Student Excursion.jpeg

Student Excursion & Visa Advisory

*We also have student travel escort services available upon request 

More than just a travel agent


Airserve is more than the typical services of a travel agent – we propose a relationship, and any relationship that is worthwhile comes with benefits for all parties involved. When we planned Airserve, we painstakingly implemented internal policies that ensures our customers walk out of every interaction happier than they were when they walked in. 

Although we are very conveniently located in the commercial hub of Victoria Island, it is not uncommon for us to have transactions where we don't see the client face-to-face. Make no mistake, we operate an open door policy; you are free to walk into our office at anytime. However, in situations where it is inconvenient for the client to come down to our office, we are very well suited to facilitate communication through Skype, telephone calls, electronic mails and other various electronic platforms!